Zebra 2D scanners

The main interaction shoppers have with a retailer often comes at the point-of-sale. Retailers need fast and accurate transactions to keep queues flowing smoothly, keep their customers returning time after time and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Enter 2D scanners. 2D scanners can help retailers improve their customer service, encourage greater loyalty, and increase sales.

They also improve productivity – giving store employees the ability to capture the data that matters most. Whether they are scanning traditional printed 1D barcodes or a 2D mobile coupon presented from a customer’s mobile app, 2D scanners capture the data retailers need, the first time, and every time.

Below are seven key ways that 2D scanners can help retailers expedite checkout and improve the customer experience.


Read barcodes in any condition

2D scanners allow store employees to capture any 1D or 2D barcode in practically any condition, including those that are damaged, torn, badly printed or difficult to read, with blazing speed. 2D scanners can also read barcodes on the screen of a mobile device, to enable mobile loyalty and coupon applications.


Read multiple barcodes at once

When store employees need to capture important information embedded in multiple barcodes on a package or work order, 2D scanners with multi-code technology make this a quick and easy task, reading multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull.


Enable omnidirectional scanning

2D scanners can keep checkout lines moving faster, as no time is lost having to align the device with the product barcode.


Enhanced range to shorten queues

Some 2D scanners also offer enhanced range scanning, enabling cashiers to scan barcodes from a greater distance, so there is no need to handle a customer’s mobile device or delay a checkout line by leaving the register to reach a barcode. This is particularly useful for scanning large and bulky items or those at the bottom of a cart.


Seamless mobile payments to improve customer service

With 2D scanners, electronic barcodes can be scanned off the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or other device with ease, delivering a seamless customer experience. Customers can also load up their mobile gift card and use it to pay for purchases without having to worry about carrying cash or credit cards.


Encourage greater loyalty

Furthermore, 2D scanners can be used to transition loyalty programs from plastic cards to mobile device-compatible, meaning a customer’s loyalty card is always at hand. This makes it easier for customers to earn points, deals and coupons for repeat purchases, and businesses gain valuable insights into spending habits so they can personalise their offers in a more targeted way.


Enable easy verification

2D scanners can also enable identity monitoring – automatic data entry ensures accuracy and helps keep check-in or payment lines moving. Furthermore, some 2D scanners equipped with camera technology can capture an image of your guest and print it on a loyalty or access card to monitor access and track purchases or visits.

Zebra’s range of purpose-built 2D scanners for the retail industry empower store employees to make more informed decisions and deliver a seamless customer experience.


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