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Retail is ever-changing and consumers now have different expectations in the retail environment. Whether it is where they shop, how they purchase, or what they use to research, it is all now part of the evolving retail ecosystem.

The National Retail Association, working in partnership with Retail Doctor Group, have delved into the minds and behaviours of consumers to give our members key insights into consumer behaviours in retail.

As we speed into the critical retail events season, the insights from this report can help you best prepare your business to stay ahead of the trends and maximise the busy period ahead.


We have conducted research, talking to a representative sample of Australian consumers, to understand what they want from retailers, what makes them interact with a retailer, and what can be expected from consumers in the next 12 months.

Download your copy of the 2022 Consumer Sentiments Report now to see what consumers had to say and what you can do to be ready to tackle the upcoming retail events including Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day.