1.5 billion containers saved from landfill in WA

Since its launch in October 2020, the Western Australian Containers for Change has reached a major recycling milestone – saving 1.5 billion 10c containers from landfill.

Western Australians should be applauded for returning eligible containers to one of the 256 refund points across the state.

Western Australia is now recycling 64 per cent of its 10c containers, effectively more than doubling its drink container recycling rates. This puts the state as one of the leading container recycling jurisdictions in Australia.

However, Containers for Change CEO Tim Cusack said there was still more work to be done – with 530 million 10c containers being tossed into general waste bins in the last year alone.

Container deposit schemes (CDS) are highly successful in reducing litter and capturing highly recyclable materials, like those used in plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans.


The role for retail

  • Let your team and customers know that these containers are highly recyclable, and that they can collect a refund for returning them
  • Find your local collection points
  • Check your range for the 10c refund mark and recycled content
  • Encourage other suppliers to examine their packaging for recyclability and recycled content


Retailers can also collect these containers for themselves and keep the refunds for their family, business or donate to a local charity.


Find your local collection point